First Lady Thanks AFH

Today Glen was invited to a personal meeting with the First Lady of Honduras, Ana Garcia de Hernandez. She and her staff extended to Glen deep appreciation for the good work Art For Humanity is doing in Honduras. She said our work among the poor benefits the entire country.  She pledged her help and partnership with one of Glen’s high priority projects which is helping children, who because of a glitch in the birth registration program, have no birth certificate and thus can’t go to school or even be a citizen. Through not a fault of the poor, they must pay high legal fees to have the problem corrected and a birth certificate issued. Because of their poverty, they live in their own country undocumented.  She pledged they will be able to go to school in the new year. She also extended an invitation for Glen to bring all the students and staff of TLC to visit her at the Presidential Mansion in Tegucigalpa. It was a great meeting.  Glen expects to meet with her again on his next trip to Honduras. 


First Lady & Glen