These Students Need A Sponsor

It feels good knowing you are making a real difference. 

They really want to study because they realize it is a key to a better life.

These are some of the new students who need sponsoring.  Because the children come from different situations, there are various levels of monthly support.  The reason for different levels of support is because students come from different levels of poverty. 

These children are at that critical age where their future can be formed. 

You can be that special person who makes a difference in their lives. You will receive reports of their progress, a video of them and a lot of joy knowing you are making a real difference. 

Please Donate Now

When you donate, please let us know which student you have chosen to support.

The amount of monthly support each student needs to be in school is listed with their name.  


Aaron M. $110

Maria F. $55

Camila M. $55

Oliver J. $55

Albert Y. $33

Arantza S. $33

Angel D. $110

Santiago A. $55

Fatima G. $110

Galilea M. $55

Javier A. $55

Leandro F. $110

Sofia A. $55

Zoe C. $110

Josue A. $110

Marcos A. $110

Zoe D. $33

Alex J. $55

Sitlasis S. $55

Mahudaly A. $55

Susan M. $33

Mateo A. $55

Carlos A. $33

Aitana J. $55

Sofia V. $55

Sofia A. $33

Angel C. $55

Claudia V. $55

Mario J. $110

Jose Fabricio $33

Allison A. $110

Jorge A. $55

Joan E. $33

Edgardo J. $55

Cesar D. $55

In addition to these children, there are other children we don’t have photos available for. Your generosity will make a huge difference in the life of a child and their family.

Please Donate Now