Water Supply

As you well know, water is essential. Water is life. This is a great opportunity to invest in an extremely important project helping many. You will feel good each time you think about people having water. One of the current big needs is for a better water supply. The current supply is adequate for now but not when we have both students and drought.

Bill Daily, a civil engineer, recently went to the farm.  While there, he designed and will return to Honduras to oversee the installation of a new pipe line that will provide the college and the community with much needed water.

Because we will go upriver 10,000 feet gaining a hundred feet of altitude, we will have enough elevation for the water to drain by gravity to the college and community. Because there will be no need for a pumps, this project is another example of the sustainable ways to help people. A one time investment will yield long term results.

The river we will be using has no population nearby so the water is cleaner… less work for our purification system. This will supply clean water for the college and the community. Our new filtration system will supply the only potable water for miles around.

This water will also be sufficient to irrigate with during droughts. It will also allow us to raise Talapia fish as a source of high quality protein for the college and community. Many, many benefits will come from your investment in this project.

Unlike some of the ways money can be spent, you will feel good about this investment for many, many years.