How Your Financial Support Helps

Your financial support allows us to directly assist families to help themselves.  We help families in need to begin small businesses such as… art, sewing, farming, welding, carpentry, retail sales,  car repairs, etc. With those small businesses, they provide for their families and educate their children.

Multiplying Your Donation Dollar

Financial donations made to Art For Humanity do more good.

Your donation dollar goes further with Art For Humanity because we are an all volunteer organization with virtually no overhead – no salaries, no warehouse space, etc.


We have been told by leading law enforcement and Latino gang prevention officers in Honduras as well as in the U.S. that our efforts represent the very best ways of not only helping families but also preventing youths from becoming members of violent gangs.

When you make a financial donation to Art For Humanity, you are making an excellent investment in a better and safer world.

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