Grocery Store

A basic grocery store is very much needed in the remote area of the Leadership University campus. Many of the people in the vicinity of our campus walk 4 to 6 hours to get to a basic grocery store. If we could open one on campus, that would allow us to buy groceries for our campus kitchen wholesale and also allow us to sell to locals.

Selling to locals would provide them with a better selection of nutritious food, personal hygiene products, first aid supplies, etc. as well as saving them the long commute.

An additional benefit is that colege students could gain hands on experience running a well managed business. It would also provide employment for locals as well as a place for them to sell vegetables they could grow.

Construction cost would be $4500.

Initial inventory investment would be $4000.

If you or your group would provide support for either of these, that would be most helpful and greatly appreciated. You would also be welcomed to come anytime to help in the store.

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