About Us

Art For Humanity is an all volunteer charity. We have no paid staff, warehouse or offices . There is no overhead. It is amazing what volunteers can accomplish. Last year, we delivered approximately $740,000 worth of humanitarian aid with a budget of only $160,000. The source of our funding is financial donations from compassionate individuals who want to help the poor.

Our Mission: Helping the poor to help themselves. We have been working in Honduras for two decades to help break the cycle of poverty that grips this beautiful country of wonderful people.

Our Strategy: We help people to help themselves and we largely do that through education. We built the Honduras Independence Bilingual School (HIBS) and The Leadership Center (TLC) and The Organic Learning Center (TOLC). Each of those schools in addition to teaching the normal academic classes, also teach individual responsibility, ethical leadership and personal empowerment. Volunteers coming to Honduras are a great resource helping us to achieve those objectives. 

Our Focus: We focus on four systemic ways for a family to overcoming poverty.

1. One way for a family to overcome poverty is to raise educated children. We assist families to keep their children in school.

2. Among the desperately poor, unemployment and temporary employment is rampant. We assist them to begin a small family based business…..art and craft, sewing, bike repairs, farming, etc. These small businesses allow them to provide for their family.

3. Poor health is a systemic cause of poverty. Unhealthy people are not productive. We supply vitamins to pregnant and nursing women as a way of allowing a child to begin life properly nourished for a healthy development. We also provide shoes. Without shoes, parasites and infections become serious. We are planning the formation of medical clinics in communities without medical facilities.

4. For a family to move out of poverty, a home is important. With a home, they are able to have a home based business, keep themselves and their children healthy and safe. We support their efforts to build a home.

Our Beliefs:  This link will share our basic beliefs.

Our Status:  The IRS has granted Art For Humanity the status of a 501 c(3) non-profit organization. For tax purposes, Art For Humanity gladly provides receipts for all donations.

You can see brief videos of volunteers in Honduras as well as some of the things we do to help those in need.

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These are photos of Art For Humanity in action.

These quotes represent some of the basic ideas we share with those we teach.

Here is a Wish List of items needed at The Leadership Center (TLC).

Art For Humanity is family. We not only care for others, we also care for each other.

A Map showing some of the places where we are or have been involved.