In a remote areas like those we serve, the cattle are in small isolated herds. With limited means for transporting cattle, the livestock eventually become severely inbreed. The inbreeding creates offspring less healthy and less productive.

We want to buy a nice young Brahma bull from a 100 miles away and bring him to our community.  Having a new bloodline will expand the gene pool thus eliminating the problems of inbreeding.

Brahma are well suited for this area because they are more disease resistant than other breeds and are more thrifty (able to do well with less feed and lower quality feed). They are also excellent duel purpose animals good for both milk and meat. An additional benefit is they produce small birthweight calves thus reducing birthing complications.

Like all of our projects, we focus on sustainable solutions.  Funding this project, provides a long term remedy to a serious problem with a one time gift.

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