We believe that volunteers gain as they give, learn as they teach and feel more hope as they help.

Volunteering at HIBS School can be personally rewarding as well as educational and life expanding. 

Unlike most charities, our approach to volunteering is not a cookie cutter style. Volunteers decide and help to design what they will do.

HIBS school is a great place to volunteer…alone or with a group or as a family. 

HIBS is located in the small peaceful scenic village of Quimistan. Volunteers stay at a clean hotel with restaurant, wifi, TV, AC, phone signal as well as hot and cold water. Most of those things are lacking in much of Honduras. So, while the accommodations are basic by U.S. standards, they are rather nice by Honduran standards. 

What You Could Do As A Volunteer

The main thing you could do at HIBS is speak English. HIBS is a bilingual school without any native English speakers. So, native English speakers are what is most needed. You would have time to help both students and staff practice their English. If you can find fun ways to practice English, that is an extra benefit. Hondurans love music. So, if you can use music for learning English, you will be a big hit.

Whatever your passion, it can be helpful at HIBS…..art, music, gardening, handyman repairs, building, painting,  sewing, fitness, poetry, hiking,  sports, etc . There is a way to use almost any interest you have a passion for. 

One of the good things about teaching at HIBS even if only for a day or two, your lessons will live on in the students and staff. What the teachers learn from you will be taught by them to thousands of student over their life time. You  volunteering at HIBS will provide benefits for a lifetime. 

Art For Humanity tailors each trip to the interest of the volunteers.

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From reading the internet, one could conclude that Honduras is a very dangerous place to visit. But, after 15 years of volunteering in Honduras, I have concluded the opposite. In this video, you will hear my opinion and also a Honduras friend.





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