Our Core Beliefs

We believe  volunteers gain as they give, learn as they teach and feel more hope as they help.

We believe the lack of money is not the greatest need of those living in poverty. Their greatest need is to learn to make use of opportunities to better themselves. The problem is, most don’t know how. That is what makes our education different than most. For example, we know of no other school teaching about Opportunity Cost and all the ramifications of that reality. 

We believe the best way to help the poor is to not be too helpful. Being overly helpful creates dependence in the lives of the poor. Our goal is to foster independence.

We believe education of the young is key to long term independence for the family.

We believe in empowering adults through informal education and providing them with opportunities to change.

We believe Art For Humanity is one big family that not only cares for others; we also care for each other. We offer encouragement, insight, support,  connection and motivation to each other as well as to those we serve. Welcome to the family.

We believe in treating all people equally regardless of their age, faith, gender, ethnicity or anything else.

These beliefs are woven into the fabric of all Art For Humanity projects.

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