Blending travel and adventure with volunteering is what we do. 

This is not a cookie cutter approach. Trips are tailored to the interest of the volunteers.

There are many possiblities

   * Mayan Ruins

   * Exploring virgin rain forests.

   * Experiencing the local culture up close and personal.

   * Visiting different cultures.

This is not the normal drive-bye bus trip. If you want to really experience another culture, this is the way to do it in a hands-on kind of way.

While most volunteer groups are ensconced in an experience separate from the local culture, we do the exact opposite. While most tourist only see but don’t have the opportunity to get involved and really experience the local culture, this is an opportunity to do so.

While we are flexible, ideal group sizes are normally 4 to 12 and the whole group doesn’t need to do the same thing. The side trips can be different for different members of the group. For example, some may be interested in hiking the mountain waterfalls while others maybe interested in visiting the local market and others participating in children activities. 

   * This is a cultural immersion experience where you learn and have fun and do a lot of good.

   * If you do it as a family, it is a great opportunity to grow together. 

Welcome to the team!

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