Promoting small business development and education so those in need can transition to sustainable self-sufficiency.

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Latest News

  • Caravan Information you may not know.

    11/7/18 —

    Some little known information about the caravan.  This brief video explains how illegal immigration works. Last year, I wrote about how one night I stumbled on a bus full of Africans in Honduras making the same journey. Bottom line, it is not only folks from Latin America making the trip across Mexico. 

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  • The Story of Art For Humanity in less than 2 minutes.

    7/21/18 —

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  • A Happy Ending

    3/9/18 —

    This brief video shows some of the ways Art For Humanity helps people in practical ways.

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  • Stop the suffering

    2/2/18 —

    Medical teams are invited to volunteer with us. Because Honduras is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, the poor suffer from lack of medical attention and medicine. You can change that. Information is here. 

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  • A Big Change

    11/4/17 —

    After 15 years we are suspending the collection of shoes, clothing and all other donated goods. New laws in Honduras make it impractical to continue to collect and ship used items as a way to help those in need. The needs of the poor continue but shipping used things is no longer practical.  Our work helping the ...

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