Wish List

Looking for a project to sponsor? Here are some for your consideration. All of these projects are in Honduras and connected to the college or organic farm. If you have questions or if you have other specific projects in mind, please contact us.

Coffee trees $1 each

Laying hens $8 each

Tables $75 each

Chairs $25 each

College student $120 per month. For Details.

Batteries for solar and wind generators.  $350 each

Bunk beds $250 each

Laptop computers $600 each

Classroom projector $650

Roof gutters for student dorm $700

Emergency water pump $700

Water filtration improvements $1500

Irrigation upgrade $2000

Tank for growing fish $2000

Upgrade to wind generator $2500

Solar generator system improvements $2500

Music arts room $4000

Barn and storage $4500

Class room $6000

Volunteer and guest housing $12,000

Van to transport students and volunteers $16,000

Farm truck $20,000

Donations qualify as tax deductions. To donate, click here.