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Thanks to the generosity of many, the new library construction is progressing nicely. In an earlier post, you could see Diane & Stephanie laying the first brick and then a little later the students working on getting the walls up. This picture is from inside the room that will have the computers looking into the […]

Trinity Classrooms

Students gathered together as they prepare to enter the new recently completed classroom building provided by Trinity UMC of McLean, Va. The new building provides much needed teaching space. After having to use dorm space for teaching for the first year of classes, it is nice to have dedicated classrooms available.

Military Women

Three female officers from SOTO CANO U.S. Military base near Comayagua came to campus to begin a leadership training program that emphasises ethical leadership. Among other things, they will talk about the Honor Code which is a part of all of the U.S. military academies. We feel fortunate to have these great examples of leadership […]

St. Marks

St. Marks recently served with us at TLC. They did a wide variety of things on campus and formed important relationships with the students. This link has a video capturing some of their thoughts and experiences. The St Marks 2012 Team

Diane & Steph

Pictured is the mother daughter team of Diane & Stephanie Smith from Arlington, VA. They are about to lay the first brick for the new library. They are from Clarendon UMC who provided a matching grant to help get the much needed library project started. While on campus, they have been teaching English and doing […]

Trinity UMC

An enthusiastic and helpful team from Trinity UMC of  McLean, VA. got on a plane this afternoon after a week with us on the campus of The Leadership Center. During that week on campus, they taught, and helped with various projects and perhaps most importantly of all, they shared life with the students. This is […]


Near the end of 2011 I decided to spend half of 2012 volunteering in Honduras.  I was going to teach English and History at a rural boarding school for young women with the non-profit Art for Humanity, a small organization based out of my hometown of Arlington, Virginia, that works to improve the livelihood of […]

Full Circle

Often donors and those in the States who help us handle donations come with us to Honduras to help the donations be delivered. Alex Schaffer is as example. Living in Arlington, Va. Alex often volunteers to help with the loading of donations. Back in April, the Univ. of Md. donated some nice desks which Alex […]

Early Morning Fire

  This morning I left campus about 3:50. Shortly after exiting the farm, I began to notice what looked like fire dancing. I was looking at the fire through a patch of trees as well as fog. As I pasted the trees, the fire was more visible but because of the early morning fog, it […]

TLC Teachers

This is the current teaching staff at TLC.  From left to right. Ira & Sarah from Oregon who’ve been on campus for about a year. Ashley  from Minnesota for 8 months. Jana & Bennon, the new Academic Deans from Germany and Alabama, one month. Malcolm from Arlington, Va. 6 months. They are the long term […]