Can you imagine your child or grandchild having a medical problem but having no medical help available? That is the situation for many of the poor people in Honduras. I see it often. Many times I do what I can using home therapy or over-the-counter medicine I carry with me. But, that is only a drop in the bucket. The need is great.  That has prompted me to do something about it.

We are planning to open a real medical clinic. It will be small and therefore we are calling it a min-clinic, but with time, it will grow and serve as a model for more clinics. Will you provide some of the seed investment?

The clinic will include three much needed components.

  • There will be a nurse’s station for those who have medical needs that can be met by a nurse practitioner.
  • There will be a doctor’s office with exam table, etc. Here the doctor could treat the ill, do minor surgery, and treat wounds and injuries needing more attention than can be provided by the nurse.
  • There will be a medical lab where testing can be done to provide information for the doctor and nurse.

Together, these three medical services will result in many people being served who otherwise would have suffered. In addition, having them under the same roof is especially beneficial to the poor who have no transportation. It is also unusual because in Honduras most labs are totally separate from doctors’ and nurses’ office. Sometimes very far away.

This is a model we will be able to duplicate in various areas of need. Because it will be in rental property, it will be low cost to begin and portable if the need is greater in another area of town.

More Details

  • The first clinic will be in a small town in the department of Olancho which is lacking in medical services.



  • Camilla, a student Art for Humanity supported so she could go to high school and then to university and finally to graduate from medical lab school, will manage the facility.





  • The doctor and nurse will be contracted.
  • Volunteers from the States will be appreciated and welcomed.
  • Those needing medical services but unable to pay will be treated freely.
  • Those able to pay, will pay and thereby cover the expenses of the clinic.

You can feel good knowing you are helping people in need.


Equipment needed and approximate cost

Chemistry  analyzer                  $3000

Blood analyzer                            $3000

Microscope   4x10x 40x 100x    $1000

Incubator                                      $1000

Autoclave oven                              $500

Centrifuge                                      $450

Exam tables  (3)                            $400 each

Baby scales                                    $400

Agitator for test tubes                    $300

Otoscopes (2)                                $200 each

Stethoscopes (2)                           $200 each

Blood pressure testers (2)            $100 each

Please support this project with your gift today.

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If you are interested in helping people in need, this is a place where a small investment will yield large results. You will feel good knowing you are helping people in need.

This is a brief video of Janet, a pastor and nurse, who has visited Honduras with us several times.

Because Honduras has one of the highest child mortality rates in the western hemisphere, please join us in supporting this project.

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