Medical Teams

Because Honduras is the second poorest country in the Western hemisphere, the sick often suffer without help. For that reason, we are seeking volunteer medical teams to come and help for a few days.
Two kinds of teams are needed. 
1. Medical professionals. Dentist, dental hygienist, doctors and nurses are much needed. These folks along with support staff would come to do traditional “Medical Brigades”. These teams could also do practical teaching in addition to diagnoses and treatment. Teaching could include self exam instructions, nutrition, hygiene, etc. 
2. Ordinary people. Because 50% of the rural poor of Honduras are chronically malnourished, we are seeking teams of people who will collect vitamins and tooth brushes and bring them to join us in Honduras for a few days to distribute those items to those in need. In addition, we ask you to collect over the counter medicines to be given to our clinic in Honduras for them to distribute among the needy they treat. 
We can schedule these two types of medical teams at the convenience of the team any time of the year. We would arrange all of the logistics in Honduras including lodging and meals. We would meet the team at the airport and transport them to the hotel and mission site. 
We have two different settings for hosting teams. One setting is a clinic and the other is a school. Both are well suited for hosting teams. They are in different parts of the country serviced by different airports.  For teams coming to the school, we could schedule an excursion to the Mayan Ruins. 
If you are a part of a church or other group, could you post this need in your newsletter, etc.? We realize some churches may not have a team to come but could collect the medical supplies for others to distribute. 
Most any size team can be accommodated but 2 to 9 people is an ideal number. 
If you have an interest or questions, Email Us.