You Are Perfect

A dear loved one is going through very difficult time within herself. After a phone conversation she asked me to send her the essence of the conversation in an email. I share this with others in hopes it maybe helpful.

Deep inside, most people think poorly of themselves. While most of us don’t feel like we are perfect, we are. From the time we are young, many people and things cause us to begin to believe we are bad or dirty. But because we came from God, we are perfect . Ultimately, we did not come from our parents. We came from God. Because we came from God, we are of God. On this, all religions agree.¬†Each day, remind yourself that you are perfect because you are of God.

Before you had a body, you were pure spirit. One day, we will return to pure spirit. In spirit, we know we are perfect but living in a body, things fool us into believing we are less than perfect. Our body is not perfect. We do not function perfectly. But at our core being, we are perfect. At the core of your being, you are absolutely perfect. You have programed yourself and other people have programed you to believe that you are not but all of that is false. You are perfect.

You can begin to reprogram yourself. It is easy. As you first awake in the morning, say to yourself “Because I came from God, I am perfect”. Say it several times. In the beginning, it will seem like a lie but in time as your “program” begins to change, you will gradually begin to realize it is indeed true. Each morning as you awaken and each night as you prepare to go to sleep, repeat over and over…. “Because I came from God, I am perfect.”

I love you. Big hugs and blessings. Glen