First day… a day of good will.

Yesterday students arrived for orientation and their first night on campus.

As is usual in Honduras, the unexpected is the norm. The vehicle that was to transport students and family to the campus from the community where they exited their bus, broke down in the middle of the wilderness. But, typical of Hondurans, the community pitched in and found alternative ways of moving the students. The alternatives included several motorcycles, a horse and another vehicle for part of the trip.

Some parents came with their student to see them off and spend the first night on campus with them. To say the least, the tiny campus was FULL. The following morning at 5:00 folks from the community came to the campus to help the parents get back to the village 9 miles away where they could catch a bus back home.

Although the campus is extremely remote without any public services like electricity and water, there is no shortage of hospitality, good will and a willingness to help when needed. When you come to volunteer, you can see for yourself.

Some of the good will is a reflection of Honduran culture and some is a reflection of the good will our previous volunteer groups have sown in the community. Volunteers do a LOT of good; some of it is not immediately apparent until these kinds of difficult circumstances arrive.