Students Networking

Three TLC students are attending The Conference on Honduras in Copan with Glen Evans, founder of Art For Humanity. This is a conference of NGOs working in Honduras. The students have been networking with other charities, schools, etc. working in Honduras.

On the opening day they were on national TV because we were seated with the U.S. Ambassador, Lisa Kubiske. So, when the video camera was on her, our students were included in the background.

The photo below is of them meeting with a long time friend of Glen. Glen was facilitating a discussion with Pedro who is Honduran who lives in Germany and who has a growing online business. Pedro and our students were networking on ways the students could get businesses going in their villages creating products that could be marketed through Pedro’s upcoming online store. The end result would be Honduran rural villagers having jobs. Job creation is the mission of Art For Humanity. This kind of collaboration is one way Art For Humanity facilitates the mission.