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This is one of the concepts I share with the TLC students. I tell them “What you see on the outside of your life is a reflection of what is on the inside of you.”

The best way to improve the external aspects of ones life is to improve the internal dimensions of ones life. That is, if one wants their life to be different than it currently is, the place to begin the change is within. The temptation is to think of changing the external with different clothing, different “toys”, a different job or moving to a different location. In reality, those external changes are transient at best and a waste of time, money and opportunity at worst.

I think of the improvement we are talking about as being the essence of spiritual growth. Others may call it emotional maturity. Regardless of what we call it, we do better in life as we give emphases to that portion of our life which is the root of our being. Our inclination is to focus outwardly on what might be thought of as the fruit of our life but the reality is the fruit, the outwardly obvious, has its source in the root….the inner life.

How does one go about developing ones inner life? Stayed tuned to our tweets and to the development of this page. One place to begin that journey of inner growth is by contemplating on These Quotes which are shared with TLC students as a way of empowering them….from the inside.

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