Things To Bring

Money to bring:


• About $60 for hotel and restaurant in Tegucigalpa the night before

you leave (if you are leaving before 11 AM or just want to see the city.)

• About a $5 tip for your cook on campus.

• Misc. purchases….$50 (if you like souvenirs).

• Travel expenses if leaving campus

o Bus is up to $5 each way, but less if only traveling to nearby towns

o Hotel can be between $5-$50 depending on accommodations

o Food: $2-15 per meal

Note: Not many places accept credit cards and cash machines are not readily available. Use your cash card in the airport cash machines to obtain Honduran Lempiras for your trip expenses.



When leaving the campus, anything on the list below that you can leave

behind for the school and/or people of Honduras is greatly



Should Bring

• Light weight long sleeve shirts and pants

• T-shirts, shorts socks, underwear, etc.

• Sweatshirt or sweater in winter

• Closed toed shoes, sneakers and boots

• Flip flops

• Small pocket size LED Flashlight w/ extra batteries

• Pillow (if easy to pack)

• Towel & washcloth

• Toiletries

• Large mouth water bottle or canteen


Consider Bringing

• Work gloves… thin ones allow better dexterity.

• Cap or hat

• Bug Repellant (non-aerosol…. airport security)

• Camera

• Sunscreen

• Snacks that don’t attract ants… nuts, jerky, etc.

• Anti-nausea medicine… if you’re prone to motion sickness.

• Mosquito Net

• Books for leisure reading

• Backpack

• Bathing suit