While most of the teachers at TLC volunteer for a few months, these are the permanent long term staff who provide continuity to the program.


Rahm Family

Rahm Family



























The Rahm Family (Joseph, Hailey, Micah, and Abigail) have returned to Honduras to live on the campus of The Leadership Center. They lived in Honduras for the majority of 2011, but returned home at the end of the year for the birth of their second child. Since returning, Joseph and Hailey have been actively involved in the daily operations of TLC.  Joseph teaches business and leadership, and assist the Directora in regular activities. Hailey is helping in a variety of ways with students and does some teaching in the area of health, as well as photography, art, mentoring, and much more.

Micah is four and is full of energy. His “worker man” mentality will be great on campus. Abigail recently turned one, and enjoys being the center of attention. Micah and Abbey will enjoy being with the students.

President Joseph Stephen Rahm

Joseph has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, a master’s degree in International Development, and is currently working on a doctoral degree in Leadership, where he will focus his research on training, educating, and developing leaders in underprivileged and undereducated communities. His experience in leadership and education will be valuable to TLC.

Hailey has her Nursing Assistant certification, her EMT certification, and has worked for several years as a professional photographer. She also has a passion for mentoring young women. She is a valuable asset at TLC.

The Rahm Family is excited to be in Honduras. If you’d like to keep up with them, please see their blog at

As a way to expand support for TLC, they have formed a U.S. based charity, Leadership Mission International.


Elias Hernandez

Elias Hernandez

Elias’ family was one of the first families Glen Evans began to help in Honduras….even before there was an Art For Humanity. Glen met Elias hitch hiking along the road on his way home from High School. Elias comes from a  large family but he was the only one his family could afford to send to school. Once AFH began helping the family, all of the children were able to go to school. Elias’ home town of El Carrazal is about 3 hour from campus. Elias moved to TLC to begin the farm years before TLC opened.
Elias manages the farm as well as all of the campus construction. Volunteers who come to help on the farm or with construction have the opportunity to get to know Elias and they are always impressed with his friendliness and desire to be of assistance in any way he can. Elias has a home on the farm, not far from the campus, where he lives with his wife Rosey and son Jared. We are glad to have Elias on staff at TLC.