Recommending Students

The Leadership Center is a business school  offering a college curriculum focused on leadership development and entrepreneurial business skills on a year round residential campus with all expenses covered by a full scholarship for every student. All classes are taught in English; most professors are from the U.S. Because students come without English skills, the first months are intensive English classes. We teach English so graduates desiring an international business will be equipped with the necessary language skills. The student teacher ratio is normally 7 to 1.

Please note: This is an advanced level education for capable students who are highly motivated.

Recommenders need to personally know the student, her abilities, family and character. Recommenders are integral to the success of TLC. Without good recommendations, we can not succeed at our mission of offering a high level university education for under privileged Honduran women.

Ideally we want those making recommendations to be involved with the student throughout her education by staying in touch via email, phone or personal visits. For example, if the student is struggling in some way, we’d like the recommender to know of that situation and offer encouragement to the student and to communicate with the family of the student. In other words we see the recommenders as an important part of the student-family-TLC team.

Students without a real interest in studying and learning and being in business, will soon be bored.  So be sure to only recommend students who actually enjoy study, learning and beginning a business. Preferred recommendations are from Peace Corps volunteers or those involved with charities or missions active in Honduras.

Student Qualifications

  • Single women without children and willing to remain so until graduation.
  • Graduated from high school with a hunger for more learning.
  • Has a team attitude with a desire to help herself and others.
  • Has personal integrity—honest, dependable, and respectful of others.
  • Shows leadership potential.
  • Able to overcome adversities…resilient and persistent.
  • Able to forgo immediate desires for a better future.
  • Enjoys study and learning.
  • Has a desire to be in business.
  • Can not afford studies at public university.

If you know deserving students that meets the above criteria and you are willing to offer your recommendation, you can be the one who makes things happen.

Because TLC is in a very remote area without TV nor dependable phone signal, students from rural areas normally adjust to living without those conveniences better than do students from the city. We also prefer rural students because they have less opportunity than do their city counter parts.

Before recommending a student, please read all the info about TLC so that you fully know to what your are recommending the student. The Leadership Center

If you would like to recommend a student for acceptance into The Leadership Center, please review and submit a  Recommendation Form .

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