How To Help

Volunteers Are Needed

There is always a need for English-speaking volunteers for both short and long-term positions. Volunteering in Latin America can be a rewarding experience and volunteering at the Leadership Center would be especially rewarding, knowing that you are not only making a difference in individuals’ lives but also making a contribution to improve a nation.

Because Honduran high school graduates are so far behind the average U.S. high school grad, much of the teaching will be at a U.S. high school level. Recent college graduates as well as retired professionals or people on sabbatical and between career changes are welcomed. While volunteers are welcomed to serve longer, most will serve from one to three weeks.

In addition to long-term volunteers, short-term volunteer teachers and tutors are needed.  The tutors, among other things, will facilitate small group learning sessions. While these teams are only asked to serve for a week, those able to serve longer would be most welcomed and appreciated. Professors, teacher and lecturers coming to teach are welcome to select and bring their own tutoring team with them.

Farm workers are also needed.  In some cases when a couple or a group comes to volunteer, part of the group teaches while the others work on the farm. Teachers are also welcome to work on the farm in their spare time.


Support Is Needed

Initially, much of the funds used for building the Leadership Center came from Hondurans that Art for Humanity has helped to begin small businesses. These individuals and families want to give back and give generously of their limited time and resources.

Currently, the Leadership Center is in need of additional financial support.   The college’s immediate goals are to accept 15 more students into the program as well as build needed buildings.  We cannot do the building and water storage facilities to accommodate more students without financial assistance.  If you feel compassion to help, please know that a gift of any size can make a difference.

Because we are registered with the IRS as a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, any gift you make is tax-deductable and you will be provided with the appropriate documentation when you make your contribution. Art for Humanity and it’s Leadership Center are unique in the fact that their work does not just address the immediate needs of Hondurans, it fosters independence in sticking to our original mission of helping the poor to help themselves by investing in the future of the country.  Please consider the great, and lasting impact your gift could make upon this impoverished country and its people.

Support can be made by check or credit card. To support this vision, please send checks to:

Art For Humanity, 635 S. 25th St. Arlington, VA 22202-2529

To use a credit card, click here.

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