Mayra is one of the better students at the Leadership College and comes from a home and family typical of all our students. To be accepted, students need to be recommended by someone associated with a charity or NGO active in Honduras.  Mayra was recommended by Water Missions International who made a video of Mayra and her family and posted it on YouTube. Here is the video. She is the oldest daughter pictured on the right.  Mayra

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    Es muy bueno ver que se esta ayudando a la gente pobre de Colon, conosco a esa muchacha y si se merece la yuda que le dieron y ojala huviera mas oportunidades para ayudar a mas muchachas y muchachos pobres de esta zona. tambien felicito a los de Misiones del Agua por hacer este tipo de actividades, buscando ayudas de todo tipo para la gente necesitada de este departamento.