Full Circle

Often donors and those in the States who help us handle donations come with us to Honduras to help the donations be delivered. Alex Schaffer is as example. Living in Arlington, Va. Alex often volunteers to help with the loading of donations.

Back in April, the Univ. of Md. donated some nice desks which Alex helped to load. Shortly thereafter, he came to Honduras to volunteer as a teacher at TLC. While there, the desks he helped to load arrived. In the picture, is Alex helping to load them for transport to the campus where the students he is teaching will use and enjoy them.

It is really nice when volunteers in the States can be a part of the full circle of seeing things donated and then seeing those donations being used and enjoyed by those who will receive them.

In addition to desks being delivered to TLC, they were also delivered to two other schools in Honduras supported by Art For Humanity. Desks were also delivered to many individual students who will use them at home as a place to do their homework.

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  1. Do you ship containers of goods from the States? Or do you load up and make the long, long haul down through Mexico? I have been shipping containers of Toyota Land Cruisers from Japan to USA and am familiar with the process. Maybe I can be of some kind of service to you all.

    Stuart =o)