Accurate Informations Missing

Accurate informations is glaringly missing in Honduras and few, except me, seem to be bothered.

As one typical example, this morning I stop into a coffee shop for a cup of coffee. They have a nice looking sign on the counter “Coffee 18”. So when I get my coffee, I give the attendant 18. She replies “It’s 20” to which I reply “no its 18”. She sticks with 20. I show her the sign that shows 18. She says its not correct. So I pay her the 20 and give her the sign saying they shouldn’t post one price and then charge a higher price. She accepts the sign from me immediately replacing it back on the counter.

Similarly, there is a shop I often pass where they have a hand written sign in the window  “Cell Phones Repaired Here”. So one day when I need a cell phone serviced, I go to that shop. They tell me they no longer repair phones. I ask them “Then why not take down the sign?”  They tell me “because it has been there a long time.” Out of curiosity, about 3 years later I went back; the sign is still there and they still don’t repair phones.

These are very typical examples of things that happen everyday with businesses, schools, government, police, etc.

For some reason, accurate information is just not very important here. It is interesting to observe the cultural differences noticing how the things one culture values is relatively unimportant to another.