Donate Things

Your good used items help the poor to move…. from dependency to self-sufficiency.

Share your love and compassion by providing only good quality items.

Unlike most places where you could donate, we do not sell your donated items. We give them directly to poor families.

It costs us more than $1 per pound to deliver your  donations to families in need. This represents a cost effective way of helping the poor because your $1 investment delivers about $4 worth of humanitarian aid.

We ask you to make a monetary donation when you donate items to help defray the cost of giving your donation to the poor. A suggested donation is $1 per pound of items given. This is intended as a guideline. You may give more or less.

Your financial support can be given online.

Items Needed

Shoes… all styles for children, men & women are greatly needed. More Information

Clothing… in sizes less than XL. Youth styles most needed.

Linens… sheets, towels, blankets.

Jewelry…pins, necklaces, bracelets, accessories.

Smart phones.

Baby strollers.

Laptop computers….less than 5 years old.

Backpacks, fanny  packs, dufflebags, laptop bags, etc.

Handbags, purses and wallets… all styles.

Suitcases….but no garment bags.

Rugs & carpet…all kinds… area, throw, runners.

Folding tables and chairs.

We can use large items too….like mattresses but for those items, a financial donation is needed to assist with shipping.

Because this is a mission of love, we only want high quality items.  Share your love and compassion by sharing quality items.

Your donation of $1 per pound of donated items does so much good. You will feel good knowing you are helping a family in need.  Your support can be given online.

Things Not Needed 

If it needs repairs, we can’t use it.  If it does not work properly, we can’t use it. Damaged items are very difficult to get repaired. Missing parts cannot be obtained.

If it is not on the list above, we probably can’t use it.

Drop Off Location: day or night on the front porch of 635 25th St. South, Arlington, Va. 22202

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Give Now

What happens to your donations?

Unlike most charities, we do not sell your donated items. Donations are given to those in need. The recipients of your donations  use some of the items for themselves and for their extended family. They give away some of the items to others in need. They sell some of the items. By selling some of the donations, they are able to send their children to school, build a home or begin a small business all of which secures their future. The things they keep and use personally  help them immediately but it is the things they sell that provide them with a better future. Your donations give people food and clothing for today and a brighter future tomorrow. Your donations allow those in need to help themselves.

Your Partnership 

We know from many years of experience that generosity abounds. There are many items we have in our homes that we just do not use or need. Our gently used items can really be a generous offering to those in need.

There is a significant difference between “getting rid of unwanted junk” and “sharing generously”. In the first instance, the receiver is viewed more like a trash can, accepting discarded junk. In the second, there is respect and dignity on both sides so that recycling and redistributing resources is both honorable and pleasurable.

Our interest is in forming partnerships with people who want to be a part of helping those in need. Inasmuch as financial support is needed to deliver the donated items to needy families, we appreciate your help so we can deliver your donated items.  To join as a partner, please subscribe to our News List.

100% of donations are used to directly assist people in need.

Your financial support makes this mission possible.   Give Now.

Because Art For Humanity is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your donations are tax deductible. For your donations of cash or gifts in kind, we will gladly provide you with a receipt for tax purposes.