Logistical details.

Glen will pick you up at the airport.

The drive from the airport to Quimistan is about one and a half hours.

The school is closed for vacation December and January as well as Holy Week. Most other times are suitable for hosting volunteers.

Evening meal time is often with the staff as a way for volunteers to give staff more opportunity to practice English. That means visiting various eating places for dinner each evening. Breakfast is normally at the hotel and lunch is normally at school.

Meals and rooms normally run about $300 for a week. Flights are normally $500 to $800 round trip.  Volunteers cover those costs and make their own flight arrangements. 

While all group sizes can be accompanied, normally the optimum size group is 4 to 12 people. If you are thinking of a larger or smaller size group, we can discuss the details. If some of the group is interested in helping with construction, more people can be accommodated. 

The Mayan Ruins are about 2 hours away. Spending the night in a hotel near the ruins is a way to add diversity to the schedule. It is also an amazingly interesting site and the nearby town is picturesque.  Because of the mountain location, the climate is moderate. In addition to the Mayan Ruins, other side trips could be made.  One option is to have Field Trips with the older students of HIBS. There are many options for field trips as a way to expand both the students’ and your understanding of this interesting country. 

While this info is not exhaustive, hopefully it is enough to give you a feel for what it would be like to volunteer at HIBS. Your questions are always welcomed.

If you have a group interested in coming, Glen is glad to meet with your group to answer questions and share more info. 

All volunteers are required to sign a Lability Waiver before going to Honduras. It can be seen here Liability Waiver  A copy can be emailed to you for signing and mailing back to us.

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