St. David’s

The next four students listed here are sponsored directly by St. David’s Episcopal Church. Other students whose videos are below the first four are sponsored through St. David’s by members of St. David’s or friends of St. David’s.

Genesis, Lesly, Veronica, Rubenia and their families are being helped in real and life long ways by the congregation of St. David’s Episcopal Church.

Rubenia is now in the 5th grade.


Genesis is in the 4th grade.


Lesly Nohemy is in the 3rd grade.


Veronica is in the 5th grade. The video was made on her gym day at school, thus her gym clothing.


The people of St. David’s are helpful in many different ways. One example is sponsoring a student named Itzel.  Itzel’s mother, Veronica, was paralyzed when Itzel was born nine years ago.  She has never walked again. People in the church are seeking to change that. In addition to sponsoring Itzel’s education, they are also sponsoring Veronica’s needed medical attention.


This young man is sponsored by Jan and John. Their generosity is reflected in Daniel’s life. He was not doing well in school previously but now with the support by Jan and John, he is greatly improved.


The  students are sponsored by Peggy and Joseph. They do their sponsorship through St. David’s Episcopal Church. Their support is making a big difference in the lives of some very poor children who have difficult lives. For example, you will notice that Charlie has cuts on his face from being run over by a truck a few months earlier. Despite his pain, he returned to school asap.

Vanessa did her video on gym day.


Deiby is sponsored by Jessica and Lloyd through St. David’s. Their generosity is making a tremendous difference in her life. Although coming from a very poor family, she has dreams and goals for a bright future. This is normally not the case with the poor of Honduras. Normally they accept their fate but at HIBS, students gain self confidence as well as a great education. Deiby’s goal is to be a teacher.


Grettel and Kerin are two of the students sponsored by Bob and Ingrid  through St. David’s Episcopal Church. Their support is making a life long difference in Grettel and Karin’s life.