Small Projects

While these projects have a relatively small price tag, they are really important and much needed. They all are a part of providing an excellent education. Sometimes, it is small things like these that make big a difference.

Psychologist office furniture and educational materials. $1400.

Classroom shelves   9 are needed at $100 each. 

File cabinet $300

Picnic tables  Several are needed in various places on campus. $170 each.

Laptop computers  Several teachers need a laptop for use in classroom for teaching purposes. $500 each. 

Projectors four are needed. $600 each

Laundry area   A carport like roofed ├írea is needed where cleaning can be done of mops, rags and towels. Now there is no such area so we have to go to a neighbors home to do that cleaning.   $ 1000.00

RE-CREATION AREA  An outdoor  area with a roof is needed for sun and rain protection. It would be like an oversized carport with benches, tables and flowers. It will be a place to meet and chat and re-create. It could also be used occasionally as an outdoor classroom. $ 2300.00

Preschool area.  The preschool area needs to be upgraded to include a porch and some outdoor area protected from rain and sun. $ 2,500

Restrooms  New restrooms are needed for the growing enrollment of students. Also, currently there are only children sized toilets. At least one adult size is needed. $ 11,200 

Music Keyboard $600

Sound system $1900

Teachers desk 4 are needed. $200 each.

Air Conditioners 7 are needed. $350 each

Water pump $1500

Marching band instruments. 2 Xylophones $275 each. 2 big drums $220 each. 13 small drums $110 each. 3 cymbals $150 each. 

School Fence The current fence is not adequate. It is old and dilapidated. A new fence keeps dogs and cattle from entering the school as well as provide more security for the property and people. We have begun rebuilding some of the fence but 900 more feet is needed. The cost is $16 per foot.

These five projects are vital to providing a safe and caring environment for learning. Your generosity will make a big difference in the educational experience of these children we are ministering to. 

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