HIBS High School

Honduran Independent Bilingual High School

Because of the critical need for educated, ethical leaders who can bring needed change to Honduras, we are seeking support to build a new high school in Quimistan to help give Honduran children the training and chances to lead Honduras into the next century.

This facility will be on a separate campus from the HIBS elementary school. That means buying land and building structures designed to specifically accommodate high school students.

We are asking for your help in the following ways;

1. Connecting with corporate sponsors. We need more than just a name and an address, we need someone to take the lead on establishing a meaningful connection with organizations that can partner with us to invest in the education of the next generation.

2. Connecting with churches. Churches of any denomination are always welcome to get involved by sending mission teams to help on the project.

3. Volunteering. Partner with us and help expand our reach to create a larger pool of active volunteers.

4. Financial donations. Donating with a check or through our online portal can help offset the costs of this capital project. Donations don’t need to be large, because every bit helps. Here’s an example of some of the needs for our expansion:

1 Square Yard of Land – $25    (Total goal – 10,000 square yards)

1 Concrete Building Block – $32    (Total goal – 7,000 blocks)

1 Student Desk – $230    (Total goal – 200 desks)

The prices (investments) listed include all related expenses. For example, the cost of a yard of land includes improvements to the land – landscaping, sidewalks, driveways, etc. The price of a block includes architectural plans, utilities, rebar, cement, windows, roof and even doors. The cost for student desks includes buying all the necessary furniture for those students including teaching aids. 

Visits to HIBS for missions teams or donors are always welcome! Please contact us so we can assist with making travel, pickup, and lodging arrangements. In addition to visiting HIBS, tours of the nearby Mayan World Heritage Site at Copan can be planned if you are interested. 

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Videos of those who have volunteered with us.   And there are more on other pages of this site.

This video of Glen Evans, founder of Art For Humanity, explains why the normal charity approach is not working in Honduras. 

This high school will be very different than probably 99% of all schools. We believe the lack of money is not the greatest need of those living in poverty. Their greatest need is to learn to make use of opportunities to better themselves. But, most don’t know how. That is what makes our education different than most. For example, we know of no other school teaching about Opportunity Cost and all the ramifications of that reality. We do. 

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