Big Projects

Would you enjoy helping build a much needed classroom building?

There is an urgent need for a new classroom building like the one in this picture.

The picture is of a building we built previously. Now another one is needed. 

It is the two story building in the picture that is needed.

Because of the size of the project, we’ve broken it down into individual  components.

Lower Level

  • Foundation  $7000
  • Floor $8000
  • Walls $8000
  • Doors & Windows $3500
  • Ceiling $2500  
  • Electrical $3000
  • AC $3000
  • Furniture $4500

Upper Level

  • Floor $8000
  • Walls $8000
  • Ceiling $2500
  • Roof $9000
  • Doors & windows  $3500
  • Electricity $3000
  • AC  $3000
  • Stairway  $1500
  • Furniture $4500

So while the total cost is about $80,000 by breaking it into parts, hopefully you or your group could fund a portion of the project. 

This expansion is critical because the school also serves as a health resource center for the area providing vitamins to all pregnant and nursing women and their children. This expansion will help to offer other health services to the total community. 

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These students wrote and produced this little video using humor to convey their need for a new classroom so they can remain in school.


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