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Ambassador Lisa Kubiske

In this picture taken last night at the Conference On Honduras, Glen, Joseph and three students have a conversation with the U.S. Ambassador in Honduras. Ambassador Lisa Kubiske speaks personally with the students encouraging them to push on with their dream of being future leaders in Honduras although in Honduras it can be more difficult than […]

Golf Helping Us

This is a message regarding the charity golf tournament next weeks. Good Evening All You Golfers, A couple of “one last things” to pass on the We Care and Share Golf Classic: 1) REMINDER – Monday 9 Sep at Hidden Creek Country Club, 1711 Clubhouse Road, Reston, VA Check-in – 7:30-8:15am in front of Club Under portico Bagels […]

Teaching Locals

The Leadership Center (TLC) teaches more than academics to students. This photos shows Glen teaching locals how to build ferro-cement tanks. These tanks will be used for our aguaponics project on campus but locals can use the same building techniques to construct low cost water storage tanks….or fish tanks. TLC is a Learning Center in […]

First High School In Region

We are about to open the first ever high school in our area. The entire region has no high school so, no one is educated beyond the 5th grade…thus the systemic poverty. We need to find a dozen good used laptop computers for the school. The reason we need laptops is because there is no […]

Mattresses needed

Can you help us network to find hotels or individuals with good used mattresses to donate? All sizes are needed. 

Nebulizer needed

We have two people with asthma who are in serious need of a nebulizer. Can you network with friends and family to help find one that could be donated? Can you imagine trying to live with difficulty breathing? These nebulizers are really needed.

Public Health Service Offered

Most staff at TLC “wear more than one hat”. Pictured here is one of our Honduran staff, Juan Carlos (left), consulting with a local man about the need for a special lab test procedure for his wife. Juan Carlos’ degree is in Public Health so folks often come to campus to get info from him. […]


At 7:00 this morning as I arrived to begin unloading the container of donations, we were blessed with this beautiful rainbow. Isn’t its positioning amazing? What a way to begin the day.

Picture of Laura

This is a typical scene in Honduras where the back of a pickup truck is the normal means of transportation. Laura with Katie behind her ride in the truck back to campus after a visit to another community.

New Students

We recently interviewed prospective candidates for the next term which begins in April. A lady who runs an orphanage brought two girls to be considered. This brief video was made impromptu at 3:30 am as they were about to leave campus to catch as bus for the long ride home to La Ceiba. For those […]