Videos To Sponsors

These are recordings of students saying thank you to their sponsor. It may be difficult to understand their pronunciation because English is very new for them. In a few more months, we’ll post a new recording so you can see their progress. Or better yet, come to Honduras and see for yourself.

Each student prepared her own presentation without input from us. Some used notes they prepared while others spoke extemporaneously.

Yanetzi to Melanie & Kenneth

Riccy to Melanie & Kenneth

Olga to Melanie & Kenneth

Alexandria to Dave & Terri.

Carolina to Janese.

Jesse to Dan and Jane.

Johana to David and Gina.

Karen to Eric and Kathleen.

Keyby to Roger and Karen.

Martha to Marcia, Pat and Steve.

Mayra to Weldon.

Melisa to Kevin and Cathy.

Zeleste to Joeseph and Hailey.

Zuelmi to Sherry.