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Sponsor a Student, and You’ll Invest in the Future of a Nation

When you sponsor a student giving her the opportunity for a college education, you won’t just be helping an individual but an entire nation. Each student studying at TLC has the opportunity to become a leader in their community, country, and even the world.

These are students who need a sponsor.





















Doris has eight siblings; six brothers and two sisters.  She is  the youngest of the girls and lives with her mother. Her father is diseased. Her family are agricultural workers.

Hobbies:  Reading history books, practicing sports, and cooking. I go to church everyday and I am part of my church groups.

Future Goals:  To have my own business, and to help my family and community. To be a leader everywhere I go.





















Meilin lives at home with her family of four… mom, stepfather, brother and nephew.  Her stepfather works in agriculture.

Hobbies:  She enjoys sports such as soccer and basketball.  Additionally, she likes to go to church and read books.

Future Goals:  To be an example and even more important to improve my family’s life. And to do my best for my community.




















Tania comes from a single mother home.   She lives with  mother, grandfather and little nephew.  Grandfather works in agriculture to support family.

Hobbies:  She  enjoys playing soccer, reading, listening to music, going on walks and watching movies.

Future Goals:  To grow professionally, to be my own boss, to help my mom and family and my community economically and to help better my country.






















Abigail has four brothers and lives with her parents.   Her father is pastor of a small church.

Hobbies:  I like to spend time with my family, listening to music, singing and reading the Bible.

Future Goals:  To continue preparing myself in my academic life, to have my own business, to become a leader and to be a support to my family and an example to follow.























Rosali has six brothers.  Her dad is a tailor and her mom is a teacher.

Hobbies:  My favorite thing to do is to write romantic and tragic poetry.  I love dancing, and on my free time I like to read.

Future Goals:  More than a goal, it’s a purpose. What I want the most is to be a great lawyer. In my country the law is not taken into account, and I want to change that!






















Alejandra lives with her parents. Her father is a carpenter that makes furniture. Her mother is studying nursing to attend to the health of our community.  She has one sister who does not live in Honduras.

Hobbies:  My favorite hobby is to play soccer. I also like to listen to music and go to church and spend time with my family. I also like to spend time with the elders of my community because they give me good advise for the future.

Future Goals:  I want to speak English, to keep studying to become a professional and therefore share my knowledge with my community. I want to be a good example as a friend and professional.  I hope to help others because that is what I like!




















Paula comes from a very large family.

Hobbies:  Reading, listening to music, cleaning my house and watching TV.  During the weekend I like to go to church and talk with my family.

Future Goals:  I want to be a great leader in my community, and to be an example to follow.   I want to learn how to read, write and speak English.  And I want to start a school to teach English to other people.






















Yondia comes from a very poor family yet they remain together inspire of both good and bad moments.

Hobbies:  Reading, listening to music and working out.

Future Goals:  I want to be someone with capabilities to help others. More importantly, I want to help my nation. I want to be useful in this life.





















Catherine comes from a very large Catholic family.  They work in the field as agricultural workers and go to church together.

Hobbies: At home I spent a lot of time working so I didn’t have much time for hobbies. But I spent my free time with my family.

Future Goals:  My goal is to create a business in my community.






















Cirse comes from a very active evangelical family.

Hobbies:  I help and share my life with the youth of my community. I also work with children at the church where my father serves.

Future Goals:  To continue preparing myself to help the children and youth of my community and church. I would also like to teach Kindergarten.
























Josselin lives with her mom, two sisters, two cousins, one aunt and grandmother.

Hobbies:  What I like to do the most is to go to church, go to the beach and to work out.

Future Goals:  My goal is to have my own business.  I know that I have to keep working hard and trust the God will give me everything that I need because he is marvelous and He is the one that opens doors


Your sponsorship provides for the total needs of a deserving student, who otherwise would be unable to receive an education. When you sponsor a student at The Leadership Center, your donation allows them to receive an excellent college education as well as their room and board and also supplies them with essentials including books, linens and in some situations medical, dental and eye care. As a sponsor, you are welcome to visit the campus to teach, mentor and get to know the student you sponsor.

Because we are an all volunteer organization, you can sponsor a student for only $120 per month. If a full sponsorship is more than you feel comfortable with, consider a 50% sponsorship for $60 or a 25% sponsorship for $30. A student can be sponsored by an individual or by a group of friends, a book club, an office, a sports team, a civic association, a charity or church group, etc. We welcome all sponsors!

You may select the specific students who need sponsorship and then easily set up an automatic monthly donation with your credit card by clicking here.

If you have questions, feel free to Email us.

Whatever you can do to help sponsor a student will make a big difference and be greatly appreciated.

This brief  impromptu video was made  of one of the students saying thank you to her sponsor. In it you will notice that she mentions students who do not have a sponsor which indicates that is apparently something on her mind. 

For a larger view, click on lower right hand corner of the video frame.


Your donations make a big difference in the lives of the poor… the difference in being destitute and becoming self sufficient. 

It is easy to make your sponsorship donation happen automatically each month with your credit card by clicking here.