Sponsor A Student

Sponsor a Student, and You’ll Invest in the Future of a Nation

When you sponsor a student giving her the opportunity for a college education, you won’t just be helping an individual but an entire nation. Each student studying at TLC has the opportunity to become a leader in their community, country, and even the world.

These are the students who need a sponsor.





















Dessy is from Santa Rosita, Comayagua and is 20 years of age. Both her parents died so she lives with her three siblings and her aunt. She enjoys reading and spending time with her family. Her goal is to finish her education so that she is prepared to help her family and community.



















Belkis is 22 and from San Jose, Comayagua. She enjoys reading, music and spending time with friends. Her goal is to be a successful person who helps others.



















Mirian is 19 and from Azucualpa, Santa Barbara. Because of family problems, she lived with her cousins. She enjoys reading, playing soccer and volunteering in her church. Her goals include learning English, helping her family and community, and completing her studies at The Leadership Center.


1 Heldy



















Heldy is 20 years old and is from Santa Rosita, Siguatepeque, Honduras.  She lives with her mom and her two brothers. She is completing her first year here at TLC and is excited to move onto new classes next quarter.  She enjoys listening to music and reading the Bible. Her favorite things to do at TLC are to study English and also spend time with her fellow classmates. Her goals are to graduate from TLC, help support her family and be a good example to her community.


1 Karen

















Karen is 21 years old and is from Las Botijas, a small rural village about an hour from the TLC campus. She lives with her father, mother and two brothers. She enjoys playing soccer, listening to music, dancing, cooking and reading books.  Her goals for the future are to be fluent in English, travel to other countries, to have her own business and teach young children.


Your sponsorship provides for the total needs of a deserving student, who otherwise would be unable to receive an education. When you sponsor a student at The Leadership Center, your donation allows them to receive an excellent college education as well as their room and board and also supplies them with essentials including books, linens and in some situations medical, dental and eye care. As a sponsor, you are welcome to visit the campus to teach, mentor and get to know the student you sponsor.

Because we are an all volunteer organization, you can sponsor a student for only $120 per month. If a full sponsorship is more than you feel comfortable with, consider a 50% sponsorship for $60 or a 25% sponsorship for $30. A student can be sponsored by an individual or by a group of friends, a book club, an office, a sports team, a civic association, a charity or church group, etc. We welcome all sponsors!

You may select the specific students who need sponsorship and then easily set up an automatic monthly donation with your credit card by clicking here.

If you have questions, feel free to Email us.

Whatever you can do to help sponsor a student will make a big difference and be greatly appreciated.



This brief  impromptu video was made  as a few students wanted to singing with Joseph. It gives you a glimpse of things routinely happening on campus.

For a larger view, click on lower right hand corner of the video frame.


Your donations make a big difference in the lives of the poor… the difference in being destitute and becoming self sufficient. 

It is easy to make your sponsorship donation happen automatically each month with your credit card by clicking here.