Sponsor A Student


Sponsor a Student, and You’ll Invest in the Future of a Nation


When you sponsor a student in Honduras through Art for Humanity and give them the opportunity to go to college, you won’t just be helping an individual but an entire nation. Each student who gets a college education has the opportunity to become a leader in their community, country, and even the world.

Students Needing Sponsorship





Gipsy, pronounced Hipsy, is from El Paraiso. She is 23 yrs. She has three brothers and one sister. She was recommended by Francis Pantoja, a Honduran small business woman near campus. Gipsy is very quiet but very eager to learn.












Cecilia is from Santa Barbara is 21 and has two brothers and a sister. She was recommended by Arturo Antelo founder of the Dove School in the village where Cecilia and her family live. Cecilia is spunky and full of energy.












Beti is 21 and comes from a big family. She has six brothers and nine sisters. She is from Cortez and is very athletic. She runs up the mountain each morning before breakfast.  She was recommended by Arturo Antelo founder of The Dove School.














Esperanza at 29 is our oldest student. She has four brothers and three sisters and is from Comayagua. She was recommended by Maureen O’Neill a Peace Corps Volunteer. Esperanza is very diligent never backing away from a challenge.













Kenia is 20 and has one brother and three sisters. She is from Atlantida and was recommended by Seyda Elvir the dean of students at TLC. Kenia has a very kind spirit focused on service.













Angela is 22 and has four brothers and two sisters. She is from the department  of  Santa Barbara and was recommended by Melvin Fernandez, a school principal. She has a quiet gentle spirit with a strong desire to be used by God.











Your sponsorship provides for the total needs of a deserving student, who otherwise would be unable to receive an education. When you sponsor a student at The Leadership Center, your donation helps them get an excellent college education, provides for their room and board, and supplies them with essentials, including toiletries, linens and, if needed, shoes, clothing, and dental and eye care. As a sponsor, you are welcome to visit the campus to teach, mentor, and get to know the student you sponsor.


Because we are an all volunteer organization, you can sponsor a student for only $120 per month, per student. If a full sponsorship is more than you feel comfortable with, consider a 50% sponsorship for $60 or a 25% sponsorship for $30. A student can be sponsored by an individual or by a group of friends, a book club, an office, a sports team, a civic association, a charity or church group, etc. We welcome all sponsors!


Learn more about the specific students who need sponsorship below, and then easily set up an automatic monthly donation with your credit card by clicking here.


If you have questions, feel free to Email us.

Whatever you can do to help sponsor a student will make a big difference and be greatly appreciated.


This brief  impromptu video was made  as a few students wanted to singing with Joseph. It gives you a glimpse of things routinely happening on campus.

For a larger view, click on lower right hand corner of the video frame.


Your donations make a big difference in the lives of the poor… the difference in being destitute and becoming self sufficient. 

It is easy to make your sponsorship donation happen automatically each month with your credit card by clicking here.