Promoting small business development and education so those in need can transition to sustainable self-sufficiency.

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  • 30 Rights

    11/19/15 —

    This video was produced by, Heidi,  one of the volunteers at The Leadership Center. It demonstrates both the creativity of those serving at TLC and also how well students are learning English. Many of the students you will see have only been studying English for about 8 months. .  

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  • David Isaacson

    10/5/15 —

    An Arlington businessman, David Isaacson, comes to TLC to talk about the potential of technology based businesses in Honduras. He does seminairs and leaves behind abundant teaching and learning resources related to technology based businesses. Many of the students found his seminars interesting filled with ideas to pursue. This 1 min. video is of David's ...

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  • Wesley UMC of Alexandria, Va.

    9/4/15 —

    This team came to be with the students and help in a variety of ways. They were greatly appreciated by students and staff.  It is really nice when folks come to share life with us. It really helps the students to expand their world vision and understanding of life. One thing you will see in ...

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  • New Solar Coffee Dryer

    7/21/15 —

    This is the team who built the new solar coffee dryer. While most coffee is furnace dried, TLC coffee is always sun dried....thus the great flavor. This new dryer will boost the production capacity of TLC coffee. A great addition!!!!  

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  • Scouts

    5/4/15 —

    These Girl Scouts helped to collect, sort and pack shoes and clothing for shipment to Honduras.  

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