Promoting small business development and education so those in need can transition to sustainable self-sufficiency.

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Latest News

  • New Solar Coffee Dryer

    7/21/15 —

    This is the team who built the new solar coffee dryer. While most coffee is furnace dried, TLC coffee is always sun dried....thus the great flavor. This new dryer will boost the production capacity of TLC coffee. A great addition!!!!  

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  • Scouts

    5/4/15 —

    These Girl Scouts helped to collect, sort and pack shoes and clothing for shipment to Honduras.  

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  • Can’t Imagine

    3/17/15 —

    Most people can’t imagine the level of poverty in Honduras. For example, yesterday I was in a home that had no furniture. Not a chair. Not a table. Not a shelf. Not a plastic storage container. Nothing.  And, last night I ate with a family who had no chairs. They went outside and brought in ...

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  • New Video

    3/1/15 —

    This brief video allows you to see a variety of pictures of TLC, the community, the students and many of the volunteers. If you have not been there, hopefully this will encourage you to come. If you have been there, you will see familiar faces and places. Please let others know about it.  

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  • One Of The Newest Students

    2/10/15 —

    Karen is one of the newest students at TLC. She began about 9 months ago and has progressed very well in all her studies. In this brief video, you can see her progress with English. She is saying thank you to St. Marks for sponsoring her. Without being prompted, she mentions there are more students ...

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